Welcome to OpenEXA! This site provides documentation on various OpenEXA products.

What is OpenEXA?

On-Chain Credit — anytime, anywhere. Line of credit and operational infrastructure for Wall Street.

Freeze your Traditional Asset

Without changing your custodian, OpenEXA takes custody of your assets (stocks & bonds).

Get an On-Chain Line of Credit

OpenEXA issues a line of credit as a credit token (OXA) or collateral token (AUT).

Trade with your Credit Line

You can swap or trade OXA or AUT for stablecoins, any other crypto investment or loans.

Why OpenEXA

Collateralize your traditional assets in the crypto markets to exchange for credit tokens, enabling 24/7 trading with reduced fees and near-instant execution and settlement.


On-chain credit tokens offer efficient, low-cost transactions and enable lightning-fast trading of tokenized assets.

New Investment Opportunities

Access to crypto markets short duration, high return, on-chain Investment opportunities.

Only Pay for What You Use

Extremely low transaction fees and interest charges on short-time intervals (minutes, not days or weeks).

Tax Efficiency

Our investment products are designed to be tax smart.


The documentation is available at (opens in a new tab).